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Thursday, February 14, 2013

BOMB SQUAD 3rd Annual Bomb-B-QUE

The palms trees swayed in a collective sigh of relief last Saturday morning as the Bomb Squad Car Club of AZ (Eastside) rolled into formation at the Papago Park event site...it was dry. The threat of rain had loomed over the previous days right up to showtime. All day the clouds came and went, blocking the sun to a chilling temp, and then opening up again with warmth...layers on, layers off, repeat,... but no rain fell!
One may credit it to the cars being blessed at the Hell City Saint's show back in November...makes sense to me.

The anxiously awaited 3rd get together that is the Bomb Squad Bomb-B-Que, topped last year's on all counts. Kerry Hudson, the club founder and organizer of the event rented a bigger space at Papago Park this year, and a beautiful one at that. There were more cars and a cool variety of them. There's no official head count, but there was a steady crowd from about noon 'til things wrapped up around 6pm.

Kustom trophies made by club member, "Choppa" Brent Haines

The Hell City Saints & friends

Models, Carly Deville & KandyK

The Host Club...Bomb Squad
 Kerry put a lot of work into planning the after-party....it kicked ass!

Four very cool local bands played at the Sail Inn, Tempe. The Sinisters with their killer Hi-Fi Spookosonic surf sounds and Whiskey Kiss played a stellar rockabilly set.
Club member, Arkansas Tommy and his band, The Earps, rocked the joint and the girl punk trio, The Venomous Pinks, inspired a mini-mosh pit as they brought the evening to a blazing end. A great variety of what Phoenix has to offer!!
Here they are in no particular order...

Whisey Kiss

The Earps



The Venomous Pinks 

If you are ever in the vicinity of Rockin' Ray....I highly recommend the Sante Fe burger.

Lisa & Mysti, the Devil's Daughters, hosted the after party and are seen here presenting Kerry with the crown of cool in special recognition for putting on such a great party and his all around support of the local kulture scene. I hear he hasn't taken it off yet, nor should he!
What a blast!!
Thanks Bomb Squad!