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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Gathering Of Kustoms...Part 2

Here's my second and final post on the 'Gathering, and a fine gathering it was!

John Saltsman's bug-eyed custom '49 Studebaker truck...the "Atomitron". 

Bill Torres' sweet '58 Fairlane...Mercifuls C.C. Long Beach, CA.

Gordon McIlonie's '58 Caddy & Bill Torres' '58 Fairlane...Mercifuls C.C.
With such nice ass-ends on these rides, I had to show another angle on this second post.

Tiny, Fan, Bomonster
As I mentioned in Part 1, I heard about the show via the Friction In The Static podcast. I knew Tiny and Travis Haight (Travis Haight Photography) would be there filming for the new Diehards Kustom Kulture TV  show and made it a point to hunt them down and say hello. In this pursuit of Tiny, I ran into my amigo BOMONSTER...damn baddest-ass Kulture/hot rod artist around! Seriously, if you have not checked out his site...GO! He's a scratchboard artist which gives his art a distinct look that couldn't be cooler. He's very prolific and his ideas are fresh with a retro hot rod feel. Check it out.

Above Tiny interviews his long time friend, Syren; a tattoo artist and fashion jewelry designer/manufacturer for Episode Two. Travis, the Diehards photographer/videographer in action.

Travis Haight, Mr. Rhythm & Phil all smiles over the playback.
Travis here shooting pinstriper, Mr. Rhythm laying some lines on Phil's '56 Merc...both ride with The Usuals Social Club C.C. Looks like they're all pleased about the playback...hopefully it makes the cut.

Syren & Tiny...the buddy shot.
TJ's '57 Ranchero

I really dig this V-shaped Edsel tailight customization!

The Mercifuls C.C. out of Long Beach, CA...with Jack Petitt's '57 far right.
I saw these guys on the highway heading into Corona. I slowed down so I could watch them pass. What a caravan! At that point I knew the 'Gathering' was going to be a kick-ass show.

A front detail shot of Jack Petitt's gorgeous '57 Pontiac Star Chief. As you can see from the group shot, parking was tight and signs abound. Since I had some really nice shots of this ride from the last Mooneyes show (see December 2011 archives) I just went for the details.

Note the light and tasteful pinstriping...perfect for this classy ride!

John Denich's "Grapevine". Beautiful.

The winner of the "Best Kustom" award went to Mark Morton for this gorgeous '53 Merc.

Is this not a sweeeet '42 Ford?

It was great getting out of the desert to support a quality first time show like The Gathering Of Kustoms.
Being there it really hit home the importance keeping the Traditional-way alive.  I started this humble  blog to support the local scene here in AZ. I love this stuff!! Kustom Kulture is not main-stream (good thing? Bad thing?...it's a debate) and needs support. That's why I also support Diehards Kustom Kulture TV and as soon as the new trailer is released I will get you a link...you will LOVE it! So, for now go support the show by giving a big "LIKE" on Facebook. Also, the related podcast Friction In The Static delivers Kulture talk with the crew from Traditional Rod & Kulture Illustrated and cool interviews with builders, show promoters, artists and musicians that live and breath Kustom Kulture. Stick it in your ear, and support it too by picking up some of Zombie's artwork on a sticker: 

It's car show season (everywhere but here in the baking Phoenix area) so get out there and show your support! Go see some live local music too and on your way to the venue buy some hot-rod or tiki art. Hell, why not get your flask or purse pinstriped!
I know, money, right? I hear ya! Do what you can, it will enrich your life and keep the cool you crave alive.
See you at the next show.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Gathering of Kustoms 20012...Part 1

"A Real Kustoms & Hot Rod Show"

According to the three Johns that created it, John Denich, Johnny Jarzen & Johnny B. "Big Daddy", The Gathering of Kustoms was an idea which bloomed from a state of frustration. A group of traditional custom guys all Kustomed up and nowhere to go, they yearned for a true traditional show...so they put one together.
Gordon McIlonie's '58 Caddy & Bill Torres' '58 Fairlane...Mercifuls C.C.
The Rules: No Billet, No Rat Rods & No Rat Kustoms
The car entry fee: $5 which went to charity.
Pedetsrians get in free.
I first heard about the show back in March on Tiny's Friction in the Static podcast, which promotes the same traditional Kulture values as the three Johns. The podcast is like an audio satellite to my favorite magazine,  Traditional Rod & Kulture Illustrated (where Tiny looms large), though less polished, more edgy and often hilarious. I recommend sticking it in your ear.

John Saltsman's Kustom '49 Studebaker the "Atomitron"

Ron, Carlos, dog & Phil of The Usuals Social Club C.C.

This sick Pontiac might have been my favorite of the show.

The Grapevine

The So Cal Throttle Kings C.C.

Syren, Tiny & videographer/photographer of Diehards, Travis Haight
I'm going to wrap this first installment of 'Gathering' photos with this shot of an exciting project in the works. Tiny, of Tiny's Kustoms, TR&KI and Friction In The Static podcast, was at the show shooting some footage for his new TV series, "Diehards". I wish I could supply a link to the original trailer I saw a few months ago, it was KILLER!! But due to complications with production companies...bla bla bla....the original trailer has been pulled....but another is in the works and we should be seeing this show soon.
The website for Diehards should be up shortly, so go check out their Facebook page and LIKE IT.
This isn't some phoney deadline build show, it's about the Kustom Kulture and the people living it.

Here's a link to the Gathering Of Kustoms
Facebook page. Check it out. There's some great vintage photography of classic customs. Also, news of the next show this group of traditionalists will gather at.
Cool Stuff.

Okay, in a few days...more behind the scenes shots from the Diehards taping 
and cars and more cars from The Gathering of Kustoms.