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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mooneyes Xmas Party 2011...Part II

Okay now that I have your attention...hopefully your Full Mooneyes...
Here's some more Mooneyes Xmas show.  Done talking (keying) I said it all in Part 1 --- here's there rest in no particular order, kinda like the o's in cool. 

I call this the "Mooneyes Battle Rat"
Bad Bob'in

Rivi love...

Aurora Indica


The bad-ass bike of Richard Alanis --The Usuals Social Club
Taysia, with Phil's '56 Merc...The Usuals Social Club

In part 1 I mentioned there were more cool Caddys gathered than I had ever seen in one place ---I'm correcting that--there were more cool Caddys than I've seen of all the combined shows I've been to!

I did a post back in February 2011 featuring Willy Martinez' 1928 Essex Hearse. Seen it?
Go to the February archives...

Bomber Cool!
Sonja & Donna...the Dames

"Bite Me"
Added a little shopped mood for this hearse photo.

Aurora Indica

Jack Petitt's 1957 Star Chief...currently feautured in OL' Skool Rodz.

It's a wrap!
Merry Mooneyes!