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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back 2 Sku Cruise...Phoenix Lowrider Charity Cruise

The "Back 2 Sku Cruise" is a charity drive for needed school supplies and clothing for kids. With so many events like this through out the year for various causes it makes one think that the term charity DRIVE was coined because lowriders, hotrodders and bikers are such a literal driving force in helping out needy kids. That's pretty damn cool. 

My wife packed a huge bag of nice ready-to-wear clothes my kids have outgrown; I loaded it in the truck with my camera gear and headed out to South Phoenix.

The cruise was to begin at El Reposo Park and end about 6 miles north, downtown at Park Central Deli. I figured I'd get there early drive the route in search of cool spots to catch the cars upon their low layin' mission north.  Then I rounded back to the starting point and commenced with photographing the cars before cruise time.

Back to the start with one more look at Night Owl's Chevy....

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mooneyes USA Open House 2011

I worked in a very quick trip to Santa Fe Springs, CA after arriving in Huntington Beach with my wife and kiddies for a little summer get away from the desert. Visiting family and hitting the beach beckoned all of us but then there was the likelihood of a car show that tugged at me. Naturally, I found one. It's a challenge not to find a cool car event going on any summer weekend in  Southern California. For obvious reasons all outdoor events start melting away around May in Arizona. Not all, but most. Before I delve into a sad comparison between the two locales I'm going to move on...knowing full well I'm missing something f&*$ing awesome in California this weekend.

The parking area at the Mooneyes Speedshop is limited. Cars filled the adjacent burger joint and the tile store's parking lot across the street. Nice Clipper, eh?

Right up the Mooneye'd driveway in the premium parking spot I was happy to see the beautiful bad-ass sparkle of my amigo Mike Bello's kustom '53 Chevy (see the archives for 2011 Viva Las Vegas Part 1 for the lowdown). He and his wife Adela were as surprised to see me as I was them. We caught up a bit and he offered me lunch this time...a nice cold Corona.
Over beers Mike's buddy told me (because Mike's too modest) that this car is going to be featured in the Showcase of Kustoms at this year's Long Beach Motorama at the end of September.
Congratulations, Mike!

Artist, Max Grundy's "Lonely Boy" Merc

There were some nice bikes. Julio's lowrider Harley was a standout on it's first show appearance with the new kick-ass paint.

"Cali Style"

"Plum Loco"

Wave "hi" back to the the shift knob...

According to those I talked to nice rides were in and out since early in the morning. I got there around 2pm and missed a lot but also caught some cool rides in the day-long rotation of gatherers. 
The shop had a lot of cool stuff and was packed when I ventured in. I shall visit again I'm sure.
Keep on Moonin'.