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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bomb Squad, Chevy Film & Barrett-Jackson--Weekend of Jan 22, 2011

There was plenty to do for car aficionados last weekend.
I made it to three events, each having a different vibe.
My car explorations began Saturday at the first annual Bomb Squad c.c. BBQ held at Papago Park. I got there later than planned and missed many of the rods that made it out, but I still got some good shots and met some cool people.

The location was great with the backdrop of the desert. They plan on doing it again next year and I plan on getting there earlier. There were at least members of four additional clubs represented when I got there: Hell City Saints, Coffin Draggers, The Invaders and a guy with a nice VW whose club name escapes me now and was somehow absent from his bumper club plaque.

Club name any one?

This will happen to any head in the AZ summer if you dangle it from the rear view all day. 
This is probably my favorite image of the day. I really like the desert background.

This car stopped just so I could take a photo, unfortunately he had to go before I could really have a look at this nice Chevy.

The next two photos are from the November Good Guys show. I include them because they are from the Squad but I didn’t shoot their cars at the BBQ. Nice rides.

Sunday morning I was up early to head out to downtown Chandler for a filming of
“I Love My Chevy”. It’s a documentary film in the works coinciding with Chevrolet’s 100 year anniversary. I anticipated (along with the proud Chevy owners that did show up) cars lined up and down Arizona Avenue to get into the designated parking area. Last year in the very same parking lot during the Chandler Car Show half of it was taken up just by ’56 Chevys! Sunday there was one tri-five…one! At the Pavilions every Saturday there’s at least half a dozen. It was surprising.  

This '58 has been around and he has the stickers to prove it. Notice the camera crew to the left.

There were about 10 cars and trucks total when I left after an hour and a half. There was a variety, but the consensus amongst all the drivers I spoke to was “Where the hell is everybody?”. The director’s assistant was fine with the attendance. She said they were at Encanto Park in Phoenix the day before for a lowrider/Chevy shoot and over a hundred cars showed up. She said the cars were gorgeous and it was a great party atmosphere, however they had to turn many owners away for lack of time to film them. (I wish I had known about that gathering I would have stopped by there before heading to the BBQ. Between the lowriders, the BBQ and Barrett-Jackson I’d of covered the whole spectrum that weekend! I gotta get some Lowriders up on this site.I’ve got photos.)

The film crew is traveling the country covering different events and interviewing Chevy owners of every kind. I was told that they only needed a few good interviews from each destination. So, it would seem the Chevy owners that did show up may have a better chance at getting in the film given the limited participants. I look forward to seeing the film. Look for it on PBS in December of this year, or the beginning of 2012.

Okay, here is some ‘57 Chevy love (or Luv –remember those mini-trucks? I had a red ’76 Luv in high school). I luv this suede paint, the stance, chrome and whites ---near perfect.

Then it was off directly to Scottsdale....

Finally, the huge to-do being the Scottsdale 40th Anniversary Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction. I’d been watching a couple hours each night that week I’d recorded on DVR –it’s addicting! Luckily, it’s my second year straight scoring free tickets! Again, I some how forgot my checkbook and was unable to bid this year. Nor was I able to purchase a Persian Rug or a live cactus, or even a 10 foot fake cactus ---- why not just limit it to car and motorcycle-related vendors? I didn’t expect having to navigate a damn home and garden show too! Okay….I’ll say, since I did not pay for my two tickets that the cactus and rug vendors’ space rental covered me. Nnnno, nope, BS, that was GM, they were from GM! Courtesy of the biggest of the Big Three. Ridiculous commercial whoring is the reason for me backing up into the metal needle of that giant fake saguaro! Also it could be that I was stepping back from some cool car art to take a photo. But I digress….
In the tented areas where the sold cars are kept for public viewing my mind was blown.
There were spectators opening car doors for a better look inside and a couple actually getting in and sitting behind the wheel! That kind of behavior will get you a good (deserved) beating at a Good Guys show with the addition of sear marks at a car club BBQ.
For a Sunday it seemed like a much larger crowd than last year. As I knew it would be from that attendance, BJ events aren’t conducive to photography (I find it hard to focus—bad…sorry...) given the indoor lighting, tent situation and the packing in of cars, but there was plenty to enjoy and I did so.

The story I heard on these fins goes like this: Upon seeing the giant back fins of the ’59 Cadillac the big-wigs (they didn’t have implants back then) said no, the expense for the sheet metal would be outrageous. So, the design guys raised one fin higher leaving the other just like it was. The same honchos had a second look for comparison and went for the lower fin. Ta da! The look defined the era.
These Cadillac taillights are utilized on hot rods, Kustoms and even Rat Rods. I could do a whole post on such sightings…and I just might.

The next two are a couple favorites.

The bullets/torpedos on these ’55 Cadillac bumpers are the best. They’re supposed to be inspired by aircraft of the jet-age, but old black and white photos of Jane Russell come to my mind. Either way, you get the point. Lowered with some Sombrero hubcaps and wide whites….my dream car.

Here's one mean chromed machine --- a '58 Buick Caballero Estate Wagon. Okay, it's a wagon --not so mean....but that grill has some definite attitude, don't you think?

And finally maybe the number one favorite of the day. 
This '33 Ford known as the "Tangerine Scream".

This rod graced the cover of  'Traditional Rod & Kulture Illustrated", Issue# 22

Then came Monday with still more recorded Barrett-Jackson to watch on TV for a few nights.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hell City Saints C.C. Blessing of The Rods, Hot Rod & Kustom Show

 I'm going to spend most of January looking back at 2010
starting with one of the best shows I attended all year. It was just a couple of
months ago, the "Blessing of The Rods" show put on by the Hell City Saints Car Club of Phoenix on November 6th --- and these guys know how to throw a party!!

The venue was Tim Finnegan's Irish Pub in Phoenix and the adjacent parking lots were full of great rods and a dozen or so bikes. It was a true Kustom Kulture event. 

Along with the many bad-ass rumbling beauties there were Kulture vendors including some selling their Tiki and Dia de Los Muertos inspired art. 

The sponsors were Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jack Daniels 
and there was some great Rockabilly to go along with the drink specials.
Mad Max & The Wild Ones

Along with Mad Max & The Wild Ones were the Moonlight Howlers,
Rooster Coup Deville, Voodoo Swing and The Do-Somethings.

It was a good showing and as Paddy Mays the founder said it, lots of "Cool cats and sexy kittens". They're planning the 2nd annual for the same day this year, November 5th. I'll be sure to get some photos of the kittens at that show. 
There are some more photos to follow and in the gallery (up top). 
Here's a link to the Hell City Saints C.C.

See more photos in the gallery.