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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hell City Saints C.C. Blessing of The Rods, Hot Rod & Kustom Show

 I'm going to spend most of January looking back at 2010
starting with one of the best shows I attended all year. It was just a couple of
months ago, the "Blessing of The Rods" show put on by the Hell City Saints Car Club of Phoenix on November 6th --- and these guys know how to throw a party!!

The venue was Tim Finnegan's Irish Pub in Phoenix and the adjacent parking lots were full of great rods and a dozen or so bikes. It was a true Kustom Kulture event. 

Along with the many bad-ass rumbling beauties there were Kulture vendors including some selling their Tiki and Dia de Los Muertos inspired art. 

The sponsors were Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jack Daniels 
and there was some great Rockabilly to go along with the drink specials.
Mad Max & The Wild Ones

Along with Mad Max & The Wild Ones were the Moonlight Howlers,
Rooster Coup Deville, Voodoo Swing and The Do-Somethings.

It was a good showing and as Paddy Mays the founder said it, lots of "Cool cats and sexy kittens". They're planning the 2nd annual for the same day this year, November 5th. I'll be sure to get some photos of the kittens at that show. 
There are some more photos to follow and in the gallery (up top). 
Here's a link to the Hell City Saints C.C.

See more photos in the gallery.

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