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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Los Boulevardos "Cruise to the Lake" 2012

***Originally there were other publication plans for this story and complications arose. I note this only to account for the delay in posting which is not my norm.

"Too cool to be missed" 

My expectations for my first "Cruise to the Lake" were low...so I wasn't dissappointed.
They were scraping and slammed! 

Jason Lawson's '57, The Usuals Social Club C.C.
 LBCC...Gooz's gorgeous Lincoln

The club motto best describes the 60's early 70's Southern California style of the club:
"Too late to be Traditional
Too Lowrider to be Custom
Too Custom for Lowriders"

Eryk Frias' '53 Oldsmobile....killer!

The "Cruise" was held on Saturday, March 3rd 2012. That morning after my Arizona trek to California I met up with The Usuals Social Club members, Jowee "Mr. Rhythm" Ramirez and his pop, Mike at his cool digs not far from the Sante Fe Dam venue in Irwindale. We headed out in the slick Ramirez '54 Bel Air and met up with a few more Usuals for the cruise in...for me one of the hilights of the day.

Cruisin'! Up ahead Phil's perfect '56 Merc. The Usuals Social Club C.C.

Upon entering the show I was wowed by Starlite Rod & Kustom's '60 duo of the now famous Olds' Dynamic 88 & Ford Starliner; their flake, candy and chrome sparkling brilliantly under the Southern California sun. Like many of the Los Boulevardos C.C. (LBCC) rides the paint on these two is spectacular!

Jack Fields' '60 Ford Starliner...an incredible custom.

This beauty and the Olds below both ride with the Autoholics Car Club.

Erik Hernandez's '60 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88...another incredible Starlite custom.

'63 Buick Rivi...bad-ass!

Manny Cisneros', '60 El Camino,  pinstriping by Cisneros Pinstriping. Manny also striped the '60 Starlite rides.

The Los Boulevardos Car Club formed in 2006. The first charity cruise and picnic, now known as the "Cruise to the Lake" didn't take place until 2009 and has since been a way for the club to celebrate it's birthday. There is no entry fee for these gigs and, as it has for the last three years, the club holds a raffle and auction of cool car culture goodies with the proceeds benefiting the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. At the time of this (original) writing the tally had not been calculated, but it's a nice chunk of change every year!

Auction & raffle goodies.

There was a good showing of cars. I counted at least 13 different club plaques and there were around 200 cars coming and going all day.

Edgar Hernandez's '54 Chevy "El Durti Martini" another Starlite Custom, Autoholics member.

Mike Ramirez' '54 Bel Air

Pinstriper, Jowee "Mr. Rhythm" Ramirez doing his thing. The Usuals Social Club C.C.

The Tangiers C.C. had a good presence at the show.

Steve Almazan's '41 Fleetline...I love this ride and Steve's a cool guy!

One of my favorite all time pinstripe jobs, by DA Garcia, of DA Designs.

Gooz's Lincoln...LBCC

Kopis & Tamara...Throttle Kings Car Club

Arizona's Alan & Connie Wash's Buick, with Cherry El Ey behind the wheel. 

LBCC has chapters in Chicago, Denver, Arizona, Oregon, Northern California and a prospect from South Carolina. Some guys flew in, or drove out to represent and assist with the show. A long time friend of the club, Harco, flew in all the way from the Nertherlands! According to LBCC member, Eryk Frias, it's like a family reuinion every year!

The hosts: Los Boulevardos Car Club

According to Eryk they'd be searching for a new venue for 2013 as they try to find a permanent home for the event. Again, as it's the clubs birthday celebration, the show will take place on a Saturday in early March. Keep a look out for the next date and I'll see you there next year.
Here's their site: Los Boulevardos C.C.