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Monday, July 4, 2011

2011 LA Roadsters Show...Part 2

Here's part 2 --- the first part (see archives) laid out the story in all it's chronological glory...this post is just rides. No order, just random iron goodness and a small feature on a great hot rod artist. These are mostly shots from from the "Specialty Parking" area, the pre '65 rides of every kind with some more coolness from the So Cal Speed Shop open house.

Here's Larry Grossman and what he does combining his photographs and digital painting is amazing and about as retro-cool as it gets. I had no idea he was going to be at the LA Roadsters Show and when I ran into him I was thrilled! Almost a year ago to the day (Father's Day) my wife bought me a signed lithograph entitled "Rat Rod Roadhouse Round-Up". Here he is posing next to a copy (bottom print).
Larry showed me some of his photographs and the art that they inspired. Seen here we have Larry's photo of the an old motel "HI-WAY ROOMS" and below how he worked an amazing painting around it. 
Larry's got a great retro-piece for everyone's taste, I happen to like his desert ratty roadside stuff the best.
Here's a link to Larry Grossman's site: http://www.retrovisions.com/
There you can see and buy all his art ---- there's something for every one. Also keep a look out for him at some of the car shows. Thanks Larry!

Taken at the So-Cal Speed Shop open house, here's a rod that would look good in one of Larry Grossman's desert roadhouse scenes. This here is pinstriper Danny Delgado's '51 Chevy out of Chino, CA.
Look at this interior! 

Also seen at the So-Cal Speed Shop event. This beauty is Tom Leonardo's '32 five-window coupe.

Here's a Throttle Kings ride; Paul Medina's '47 fat fendered Ford.
Another So Cal Throttle Kings ride: Jim Ramirez's '36 pickup.

I was lucky enough to catch this ride on it's way out. Bad-ass!
This pinstriping is gorgeous on the black suede paint.

Los Reyes car club...

Throttle King, Kopis Georgakopoulos' '51 Pontiac Chieftan left of Paul's '47.
Mike Soto's slick Caddy....it was for sale at the time.
A HAMBer's sick '54.

The Man at Church magazine, Coby Gewertz's "Van Go". The Church prayer closer: "Praise The Lowered". Indeed.
Here's a pair from the "Fellas" car club...so nice I took a few angles....

I've drooled over this '56 every time I see it....finally I caught it! 
Also, want to mention William and Davis from the Primer Podcast. I ran into these guys while taking in all the roadsters. Davis had his Primer Podcast shirt on and we struck up a conversation. I first heard of the podcast via the H.A.M.B. where I saw some great Ink & Iron photos. They're hitting a lot of shows, taking photos, videos and then Podcasting about it. Check 'em out: http://primerpodcast.com/


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