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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mooneyes Xmas Party 2011

It was 6am and dark out as we headed to Irwindale Speedway from the nearby motel. Seated in the backseat of the car I happened to look out the window and for a split second saw the bottom of the Moon was just a curved sliver of light…a little white of a winking Mooneye, I’d like to think. A knowing, your gonna dig this wink. A sign.
It was later that day while hanging out and drinking a beer with The Usuals Social Club. someone mentioned that there was a full lunar eclipse that morning. Is it just me? Here we have a full lunar eclipse culminating as the legions of hot rods, customs, rat rods, lowriders and bikes ascend on the Mooneyes Show...my mind was about to be blown. “Wink” or not, the eclipse was a galactic blessing on the day ahead; the big star and planets aligned and brought on the party! 

My buddy was so overwhelmed by the show he likened it to a religious experience.
Call me a Moonie...I drank the beer and joined the Kult in a one day celebration like no other I’ve experienced.
First, there was the cool and long winding parade of cars rolling in at sunrise…it was beautiful!

Parking spots were claimed and the car show began.

By 9am the spectators started streaming in heavily and by 10am greaser kats and kittens were everywhere…and cars and more cars kept a rollin’ in.

Here's the lovely Regina Graves who was kind enough to strike a few poses on Mike Bello's perfect '31 hot rod.

Eryk Frias' bad-ass '67 Cutlass Supreme...Los Boulevardos C.C.

Regrettably, I never made it out to the drags…too many cars to shoot and people to meet.
However, the adjacent drag strip provided a powerful and awesome soundtrack for the day. And then at noon…there were these guys…THE DYNOTONES...and they kicked ass!

I never saw so many bad-ass Caddys in one place...this is but a few of them.
I love this Bo Huff custom! "The Rockabilly Playboy"
The car belongs to Mitch McNally who rides with the Dead Sleds C.C.
I met up with Phil and "The Usuals Social Club". Here's Phil's sweet '56 Merc. They are a great group of guys with some fine rides...and plenty of beer to share. It's meeting guys like these that really make the long trip out of state worth it.  

Above is the fine...firme!...work of 'Usuals member and pinstriper, Jowee MrRhythm Ramirez.
Below, the club banner. It illustrates the laid back vibe of this cool club.

Damn I love this '60 Buick! So much so, I personalized the plate.

There were a ton of cool vendors. I got the chance to meet Fonzy, of Fonzy InkShot & AirShot.
I love his work, both tattoos and airshot.

From another cool club, The So Cal Taildraggers, here's Otto Fonseca's gorgeous '50 Chevy.

I met the dancer & model, Aurora Indica at the show via photographer, Chris Gomez. She appears in Chris' hot 2012 calendar. We had a lot fun taking some shots.

This group right here is incentive enough to drive out to California for a car show! Here are my Throttle Kings So Cal amigos (Gracie's hitting the vendors again!).
I missed the mini-bike challenge, Victor (on the right) took this first race. There will likely be a rematch at the Grand National Roadster Show.

Louver love

I wanted to meet the dames of Dame Customs but didn't see them until they were heading out. Sonja Serventi and Donna Trejo did stop the sled for a quick hello. Some bad-ass work comes out of that shop.  
Ending this first chapter of Mooneyes with the lovely and charming, Aurora.
 It really was an amazing day. I could not hit it all ----completely missed the pinup pageant! There was just too many people to meet and friends to have a beer and catch up with. If I was to complain about the Mooneyes show...I'd say it was TOO MUCH for just one day!
Much more of what I didn't miss in a few days.
Merry Mooneyes!


John Straub said...

Gotta' make this show next year...looked fun.

Bill Garrett said...

It was a blast, John! You have to go next year.