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Friday, November 19, 2010

Dan's '57 Oldsmobile Photo Shoot, Oct 2010

My buddy Dan was interested in some Kustom photos of his beautifully restored '57 Oldsmobile. He chose the site of Usery Pass, out in East Mesa and we headed out one perfect afternoon.

Light was fading fast.....

Then we stumbled via the "57ROCKT" into a stunning view and took the final shot.
If your interested in taking your Classic car, Rod, Kustom, Lowrider, or bike out to a favorite spot of yours or just want some cool photos......send me an email and lets talk about it. I'll  set you up nicely at a good price. See more of this shoot in the gallery.


Leprechauna said...

You're making me miss the desert!

Bill Garrett said...

It's very nice right now!