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Monday, December 3, 2012

Pinstriper: Jowee "Mr. Rhythm" Ramirez

The Rhythm of Pinstriping

      Jowee “Mr. Rhythm” Ramirez could have gone another “Rhythm” path and chosen a career in music. Most of his old band mates did just that, but to everyone’s surprise a different rhythm called to Jowee from his favorite guitar.  

Most reactions to the above photo have been the correct assumption that “Mr. Rhythm” is a guitar player, but it’s his brush-name, not a stage-name. Not many would think of pinstriping in terms of rhythm , but consider this:

 #1 definition of "rhythm"
1. Movement or procedure with uniform or patterned recurrence of a beat, accent, or the like.

A pretty stiff way to put it, but..."movement or procedure with uniform or patterned recurrence" is very much part of the flow in the art of pinstriping. While pinstriping is a highly improvisational art form, there is the bilateral mirroring of the image, the "patterned recurrence" that may be the most challenging aspect of a whole piece and like an improvised blues guitar solo, designs (riffs) are inspired, repeated, and built upon. 
Jowee Ramirez may have chosen "Mr. Rhythm" as his brush-name for the beat he hears in his head while dancing the hairs of his Mack along the hood of a car, panel, or stilleto; then again it could simply reflect that he's an accomplished guitarist. 
Either way, his brush-name, like his talents, are multidemensional.

The inspiration….

In the above photograph is Jowee's prized Ibanez which was striped by his friend, Manuel Cisneros. Manuel had previously done some amazing work on the Ramirez ’54 Bel Air and Jowee had to have some of that coolness grace his beloved guitar. Mr. Rhythm feels much gratitude for Mr. Cisneros.  At an artistic crossroads, Jowee followed the stripes Manuel had laid down for him. 

Jowee & Manuel

Mike, Jowee’s pops, a man of music himself, initially had misgivings about his son giving up a musical career, but encouraged him and bought Jowee his first striping kit.

Soon Jowee was striping everything! The walls and shelves in the garage/club/music room are adorned with some of his early work, as well as some recent projects.

Feel the "Rhythm" . . .

This Senorita to the left, leaning on the '54 is probably my favorite.

A team piece. The So Cal Line Lowcos, Mr Rhythm & the amazing, D.A. Garcia on tiki duty.



Mr. Rhythm can be found with his car club brothers, The Usuals Social Club, at most of the shows big and small around the Los Angeles area. He'll be celebrating his 4th year of pinstriping where it all began, at the Mooneyes Xmas Show, on December 8th.
This year he has the honor of creating/donating the pinup trophy for the "Miss Mooneyes" pageant. I've considered entering just becaue I know the trophy will be bad-ass.
Go to the show, hit him up and get some art. Or, contact him on Facebook:


Mike R said...

Yes Wild Bill I think we created a monster! im very proud of my son in what ever he does and to have a friend like you who supports him we cant miss, thank you so much and see you soon! Your amiigo Mike.

Bill Garrett said...

Hey Mike! You & Jowee are good people!!
I'm very fortunate to have met you guys & the 'Usuals!
Hope to see you soon!

pikesan said...

Mr. Rhythm rocks. Great looking story Garrettero!

Bill Garrett said...

Thank you, Craig "MyRideIsme" Pike!