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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Garrettero is back...

Well it's been 5 months since my last post and it's good to be back to my photo blog! I missed posting and I'm glad you're back. As you will see here, my disappearance from this labor of love was not because I dropped out of the car kulture scene, or lacked content. There are three major shows represented here and a few smaller ones, along with shoots for a major project I'm working on.

Starting things off here at Viva Las Vegas 16, with the beautiful Nico Jones. Nico was on the cover/featured in Deadbeat Magazine, March- Issue #25 ---- the same issue my Mooneyes Xmas party photos were published. If you've never picked up a copy of Deadbeat you're missing one of the finest kulture magazines out there.

Below is a Viva bound caravan shot. A great group of Phoenicians hit the show this year and will be well documented in another publication soon....I'll keep you posted.

Mark Soria's '59 & Dave Huyck's '60 Cadillacs....Sunset at the Rockabilly Reunion.

Here's 3 shots from the Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion. Below with Cervena Fox in Todd Independents Cadillac. My Reunion coverage was featured in Deadbeat, June- issue 26.

Stephanie Lee Panos @ the Rockabilly Reunion
King Coz...Rooster Coupe Deville @ Cars Kulture Kaos, back in March

Above and below...shots from the Ink & Iron Festival at the Queen Mary, Long Beach. My coverage from this great show will be featured in the upcoming Issue 27 of Deadbeat Magazine due out in Sept. This was my first trip out to this show...I highly recommended it.

From a photo shoot with Kandy K & Dave Huyck

Above, me and Jowee Mr. Rhythm Ramirez showing off my Deadbeat Mooneyes coverage. Jowee's in the bottom right hand corner doing his thing.
If you haven't yet check out my story on Mr. Rhythm...see the December 2012 archives...good stuff!
The Cold Blue Rebels rocking the Cars, Kulture & Kaos show. Look forward to this show again next year.
One of my favorite shots from Ink & Iron with Malice XXX. She was great!
"Our Lady of Viva Las Vegas 16" and perhaps the only virgin there........just kidding. Kinda.

Above we have the beautiful Jennifer Franklin with my amigo, Brent "Choppa" Haine's F-Bomb Truck. This is an out-take from a shoot for an upcoming magazine feature.

Double trouble in a pretty package...Carly Deville & Cervena Fox

Above is one of my favorite bands, The Woolly Bandits out of L.A. California. I caught them a couple time this year in Phoenix and I was thrilled when I heard they were playing at Ink & Iron. Check out this band!!!

Back in April I got an email from Katar Kustom Kuitars...a custom guitar maker out of Finland. They are part of the Amplisonic company that builds amplifiers called "V8" amps.  Pretty cool stuff. They wanted to use my Mooneyes shot of Tudy Beltran's Chevy as a banner for the booth at the giant Musikmesse festival in Frankfurt Germany. Definitely the grandest enlargement of my work so far. I think it came out pretty cool.

Badass paint at a Cinco de Mayo show in Guadalupe, AZ.
Jennifer Shlegel prettying up a bike at a Martyr Custom Cycles shoot.
Had the pleasure of meeting/shooting with this pretty lady at Ink & Iron...Rachel Centolella.
A killer custom making the rounds this year....@ Viva Las Vegas.

Rumblers show in Tempe, AZ
Rockabella car show
Above my amiga, Nezzy Sweetheart of the Rodeo. This out-take is from a shoot for an upcoming magazine feature....a must see & read!

Dave Huyck's '60 Cadillac....post shoot sunset.
The one and only Phil Alvin of the Blasters. Playing the Bangers&Mash Truckabilly Show
Rockabilly couple, Nick & Niki White with Whiskey Kiss playing at the Blooze  Bar
The gorgeous, Krystal Pistol at Ink & Iron
Fat fender foreground, Ink & Iron.

Above, the covers and a couple excerpts from issues 25 & 26 of Deadbeat. My third issue of coverage, Ink & Iron, will be out in September.
We'll that's a quick summary of the last five months. My Facebook photo-page is updated just about daily with new photos...today I realized that I never provided a link here!
Check it out...

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