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Saturday, February 5, 2011

LOW & SLOW -- Part 1: IMPALA

Click on photos for larger image.

IMPALA may not be the Spanish word for "Low bad-ass Chevy"
(It's actually Zulu for "Gazelle") but I think used in conversation by many
car guys my pseudo "Spanish" interpretation is the mental image that
cruises slowly behind the eyes; for some it may even hop; however
not quite like a gazelle.

Every cool rod rides low; paint and wheels, airbags or hydraulics, these
and many other style choices are what make the art of the car so diverse.

Then there is the more classic, "old school" approach. I find this to be a near perfect '59 Chevy Impala.

That's it for part one. There's un chinga mas Lowriders to come. Now I feel like the sights, sounds and spirits of Cantina Garrettero.


dogdik said...

Like the close up shots.. great work!

Garrettero Kustom Photography and Art said...

Thanks doggy thang!