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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Oldsmobile & Chandler Car Shows

The All Oldsmobile Show...
I arrived early and the sky was a stark gray; the clouds appeared aching to purge themselves into thin air.
Below is one of two '58s at the show. I rarely see even one at a show, but then again this was all about Oldsmobiles. The other '58 drove all the way out from California.
Thats a lot of gorgeous chrome.

There was plenty of muscle at the show too.

Above is my buddy Dan's '57 with his tech board. The photo I took on a shoot of his car last October. To see more of this beautiful Olds' see my archived blog from November 2010.

Finishing the Olds' show with a '57 & '58. There are more photos of this show in the gallery.

The 8th Annual Chandler Classic Car & Hot Rod Show
A much larger show (not limited to one builder) the Chandler show had a little bit of everything.
This beautifully restored caramel '54 Chevy Wagon was a standout. There are always plenty of Tri-Fives at the show and a few Nomads of those years, but this is the first '54 wagon I have ever seen. 
Also, as shows go, there are always plenty of Chevy Corvairs...
Not as many bikes this year, but here are some details of an interesting one...

This rod always draws a crowd and IS worthy of another photo every time I see it. 

Here are a couple cool rods ratty style.

Is this a bad-ass shift knob or what?.....

I have a photo of this car's nemesis in the previous "Essex Hearse" blog. See the back window of that one. This "777" belongs to the "Stinkn' Jesus Freaks" car club. Here's the wild hood-O'...

That wraps coverage up. As with the Oldsmobile show, there are plenty more of the Chandler show in the gallery. 

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Laurence Modithre said...

The colors are stunning. It's almost hard to call these cars "old" mobiles. The brightness of the vehicles can almost fool a person into thinking that the car had been recently made.

The exception, of course, is the rat rod. It's quite cool though, in its own rugged way.