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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Unity C.C. of Phoenix BBQ Show & Shine

The event took place at "Reposo Park" aka "Roosevelt Park" in Phoenix.
The BBQ/Show was open to all car clubs and many clubs were represented as well as several solo "riderz".  It was all about cars, families, friends and a Sunday in the park. Everyone was welcome, even this photographer doing nothing more than stealing images of all their hard work was offered a burger fresh off the grill and something to drink. There were a lot of kids of all ages and it's events like this that inspire the next generation of car guys and gals.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Some of the most amazing paint you'll ever see you'll find at a Lowrider show. This pinstriping was a standout on a milky way of metal-flake.

I'll bet your looking at this one below thinking, WOW...I can see the photographer reflected in two separate pieces of chrome! Then again, maybe not.

There's un chinga mas Lowriders from this show in the gallery. Also, in case you haven't been following, there's another Lowrider post called "Low & Slow Part 1: Impala" in the February archives.


Anonymous said...

I am definitely appreciating those great low-rifer machines out there. The creativity that goes into them is awe inspiring. I look at my own classic and am beginning to think...hmmm... so what, as compared to some of those beauties at the the Phoenix BBQ Show.

Keep those photos happening Bill, they are the best I've seen around in a long time!


Garrettero Kustom Photography and Art said...

Thanks a lot, Dan. I really dig them and the people are really cool. There's a couple more shows before summer I hope hit.