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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bikes & Trucks of Viva Las Vegas 2011

Here's a sampling of the bikes and trucks at this year's VLV and like the cars...they were some of the best you'd see anywhere. 
These bikes were packed too tight for photographs which would do them justice.

A unique truck; one of my favs.

Just plain bad-ass.
Step aside...

The right stuff for your hair when on a bike.
Beautiful Kustom.
Perfect lowrider.
If this Indian could talk...

Here we have Ronald Anderson's '50 Chevy.
Mr. Anderson has done a lot of bumper to bumper kustomizing on this truck.
He kindly gave me a tour of his ride and pointed out many of his unique applications. A Vietnam Veteran, he's utilized his war bolt action rifle as the locking mechanism to the driver's side door. The opening and closing of the bolt locks and unlocks the truck. Very cool.
Here's the Man during a walk around the truck. He's also installed a stripper's pole from which he also displays a  POW*MIA flag in honor of his soldier brethren.Great truck!!

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