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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hell City Saints' Misery Run 2011

Classic Motel Sign found upon entering Globe.

        Phoenix in August is miserable...Hell City. Car shows, club barbeques, cruises and all outdoor events start melting away by May. You can double the misery if you're working on your ride. So, what's a car guy to do?

The Hell City Saints C.C. of Phoenix are fully aware that their cars aren't called "hot rods" because they handle the heat well... yet they organized an event/challenge to all the local clubs and rodders to join them in the first "Misery Run". A 95 mile trek from Phoenix to Globe, Arizona in the hottest month of the year.

The east valley car club, Bomb Squad was quick to sign on and the FB event page leading up to the run had jokes about riding on blocks of ice, or wearing adult diapers filled with ice cubes. I did not witness such chilling efforts, but there was a severe fashion statement of cool-wear and safety gear made by a trio of 'Saints club members. At the meeting point three gents (I believe they were using code names) burst out of a '41 Chevy pickup wearing only boxer shorts, boots, old-school racing helmets and tattoos...ready for action...and hilarity! It set the tone for the weekend and I was regretting that I would miss most of it.

The 'Saints set up a room deal with the Globe Motel 6 and the "concierge" recommended some bars to quench the predictable thirsts that would be bursting through the sleepy little town. I had other commitments and could not do the over-niter, but I did make it out to Globe.

Look out Globe....

First stop -- Superior. After I took some shots from the highway as they burned across the desert, I caught back up and rolled into the old mining town with the convoy. Old town Superior is nearly a ghost town. A picturesque little berg in a slow decay. It has a sad majesty, and makes a traveler wonder what it was like when things were booming.

As we headed up the street toward the La Mina Bar I could almost taste the cold beer (and I had air-conditioning in my truck --- so imagine the guys and gals is the classics!) CLOSED --- but of course these guys all had coolers at the ready. Snap chhhhshhh went the cans and pop went the caps.

Here we have Rex & Kerry from the Bomb Squad C.C. posing with Rex's paint work and Brent's (unable to make the run) metal work. Great guys all.
Not sure what to say about this, but that couch hasn't moved at since I was last there over a year ago and the "sale" goes on.

Every shot in Superior would look equally good in black & white, or sepia -- the place is just old, gritty and cool. It was like being in a time warp...and with that in mind I tried a little something here with Saint Jay's Ford.

'64 Time Warp - Superior, Arizona

 Rex happened to have a book of cool stencils. There was one in particular that caught my eye. 
(See my "Lucha Va Voom" post from May 2011)
He was kind enough to give me a souvenir from the trip.
Going for a Grindhouse type of movie poster here ....just needed a machine gun toting babe leaning up against that wooden door....or anywhere she wanted for that matter.

After letting engines cool down and quenching thirsts, we then headed out. Next stop, Globe.
Catching up and getting up beside the pack was challenging...then there was taking photos out the window at 50+ miles an hour.
Then the 'Saints came rolling in....

As the Misery Runners headed out to the Motel 6 to check in and hit the pool, I drove around and checked out Globe before heading back to the valley.
The Drift Inn Saloon was one of the recommended bars. I have yet to hear the stories of what went on here that Saturday night ---wish I could have stayed.

I'm sure the clubs entered via the front door.
This looked inviting...and I've seen photographic evidence that the gang payed a visit.
Kind of looks like the luck has run out...but maybe not.
Here's the finished paint...my Misery Run Luchador!
I want to thank Michael & Patrick for letting me tag-along. It was great meeting more of the Hell City Saints and Bomb Squad and hanging with those I already know.
Thanks again Rex for the paint!
I'm told there will be another Misery Run next year to another destination...see ya there.


John Straub said...

Hey Bill,

Cool story and more great photos!

Bill Garrett said...

Hey, thanks John!