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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Classic Derby @ Turf Paradise, Phoenix

Stepanie Marchese

I think Courtney McFarland, the charming organizer of the first Classic Derby, had to be pleased with the showing...not only because my family and car buddies all had a great time, but I just saw that she posted a date for the next show on Facebook! Calendar marked: October 13th, 2012.
It was hot. 100 degrees in mid-October just isn't right and it lightened the attendence. Still it was a good showing and next year I'm sure it will be bigger, better, kooler and COOLER.
Paul Iba's Kool Ford.

Bomb Squad, Kerry Hudson's newly painted '56

I love this Buick!

Pat Roberts and the Heymakers had a few hard-core music lovers dancing in the heat...and everyone else couldn't control tapping their feet. Good stuff!
Clubbing at the Derby, Paul & Dave.

Here it is ..."Jaden In Excess".....my sister picked this winning horse and let's just say we broke even on beer & cocktails.
Art at the Derby. Kerry's '56 with striping by Rex Kopicki, fellow Bomb Squad-er.

Here (below) is the lovely Stephanie Marchese. You saw her at the beginning of this post doing pinup moves, and in November you can see her race this (and above) Chevy Gasser. She threw down a challenge to a couple of the Bomb Squad crew..she means business and it sounds like a blast.
I'm heading out there on November 13th for the car show & drag race:
Southwest Nostalgia Drags, Speedworld Dragstrip, Suprise AZ.
Click here for more details: Speedworld Dragstrip
The Classic Derby kicked off whats looking to be a great month for car kulture lovers. Hope to see you all at the next event...

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