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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

!Galeria De Los Muertos Anniversary Fiesta!

Fiesta De Los Muertos...at the Galeria

(WARNING: May be offensive to some viewers...though no one I know)

El Vaquero Muerto, artist and gallery owner threw a big bash Friday (10/21/11) at his Galeria De Los Muertos located in the Roosevelt art district in Phoenix. It was a celebration of the gallery's one year anniversary and the contributing artists' Dia De Los Muertos inspired art. This is not the Mexican folk art (which I love) you'd see at most Day of the Dead events, galleries, or arte shops around town--these are modern interpretations ranging from beautiful and colorful to dark and macabre; humorous to horrific--some pieces manage to combine all of the above. There's a lot of passion in these works and it's all facinating to take in. 
That's my unqualified overview anyway. To even get more pedestrian, I'd say there are many that are just too creepy for my place...the kids do need a good night's sleep... but there are plenty of pieces that I would love to hang on my walls too, and I shall return to the galeria on that mission.
Oh, and Mr. Muerto knows how to throw a damn good party!
But first here's a very small sampling of the art.
An interior shot of the gallery with a piece by the Man, El Vaquero Muerto
Here we have the lovely local model, Bindi Modela on gliclee canvas.

Nikki Napalm rocks a fat fendered convertable...yes, there is a car in the picture.

Fiesta time!
Romantasy Cabaret, a local burlesque group entertained to an enthusiastic crowd.

DJ Con and lovely lady I did not get the name of.

Model, Martha Palacios taking art & make-up to another level.

The Trucha Clothing models.

Pinata Protest, from San Antonio
TX rocked the crowd.

Stileto de Milo

Dr. Reverend Stephan Strange & Sahar Strange from the Strange Family Circus.

Romantasy Cabaret performer, Maxi Millions

The elegant, Jana Marie

My amigos, Hyla & Patrick

Firedancer, Burden Blossom was spectacular!

Maxi Millions

Not mentioned here, but featured on my previous post, there was a Dia de los Muertos fashion show...if you didn' catch that post...do so! 



John Straub said...


My wife says see wants to go to a party like that...

Bill Garrett said...

HA! Yeah, and I'm sure you' be more than willing to take her!