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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The Hell City Saints Car Club (Phoenix) DO IT AGAIN!!!!

The much aniticipated 'Blessing 2 show delivered in every aspect of any good hot rod party/show. CARS...as you will see there were plenty of bad-ass rides; BEER & FOOD...PBR tallboys on the cheap and I heard the burritos were killer; MUSIC...Good DJs and great bands played continuously all day and night; A KOOL CROWD...the atmosphere was one of camaraderie; I counted at least six clubs present. It was a like-minded crowd celebrating their scene and people new to it certainly walked away with an appreciation of the Valley's car kulture.
I arrived just around the start time. I wanted photograph the cars before light faded...get it done...and get to the business of drinking and hanging out with friends. 

Paddy the founder of the Hell City Saints with Michael, Vice Prez

Isaac Soto making the handsome.

Tiki Woman carving away...

A couple new friends, Patrick and his wife, "Miss V8"


Cool stuff from Sherry!

Nezzy, Outlaw Disk Jockey & Sweetheart of the rodeo.

Pin-up Angel, Maritza Martini

More cool stuff...

Here are three of the cars you'll see out at the Nostalgia Drags this Sunday (Nov 13th). Going? See ya there.
Spike and his buddies...these gentlemen race the cars...can't wait to catch them Sunday.

...and more cool stuff.

Raffael & Tory...two of the Moonlight Howlers

There was a good crowd.

There's alot of talent in this photo. The LA & OC California band, The Moonlight Trio, Aaron, Al & Tony, with Voodoo Swing Front man, Shorty there in the middle. 
Al Martinez, Moonlight Trio

Tony Macias, Moonlight Trio

The crowd feeling the 'Trio's "Cumbiabilly".

Voodoo Swing!

Leeroy, also Hell City Saints C.C. member.

Voodoo Continental..."ain't no better way to get around"
There was a pin-up pageant, car awards and of the course the Blessing of the Rods --- unfortunately I couldn't be at all places at once...but every where I went I found friends, made new ones and had a great time.
Thanks 'Saints for a killer show!

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