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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tempe Rockabilly Reunion

A 3 day Rockabilly Bash in Metro-Phoenix...FINALLY!!

 KandyK Modela & Maybelle Lee
The 1st Annual Tempe Rockabilly Reunion was a blast...ask anyone who endured the heat, hung out drinking PBR and took in all the bands. This group of enthusiasts will be the best promoters for the 2nd annual!..YES! There will be a 2nd Annual and there's another kick-ass location in the works. 
I'M RUSHING THIS POST...it's been kinda hectic and I'm gonna let the photos do the talking. I will say that Dave Huyck  of the hosting club, the Independents was a great go-to-guy and new pal, thanks buddy! The star pin-ups running and hosting the Rockabilly and Psychobilly competitions; Carly Deville, Maybelle Lee, Kim Falcon & KandyK Modela were very gracious with their  personal time (posing in the heat) and recruiting me to shoot the contestant ladies for them...still recovering from the arm twisting. If this post seems a bit more about the ladies than the cars that's part of the reason...also I'm reserving many of the car photos for a separate project. 
Enough...check it out....

Bindi Modela and our 3 minute shoot...she's great!

Brenda Lee...actually here training a new pin-up...with the Az Pin-up Angels

Becky Lee with the AZ Pin-up Angels..a real trooper climbing on this slammed jeep.

AZ Roller Derby...I was invited to try my hand at live action photos...Yeah..I'm there!

Sailor Jeremy..pin-up contestant.

Gretsch was a sponsor of the show and these beauties were given away and raffled off.

The Rhythm Dragons blew the crowd away.

The Host club, Independents with that gorgeous caddy.

The rockabilly pin-ups ready for competition...with the gorgeous trifecta of KandyK Modela, Maybelle Lee and Carly Deville on the right end. 

Miss V8 the Rockabilly pin-up winner.

Carly Deville

Gretsch Girl, Kim Falcon

Brenda Acuna

Maybelle Lee

Joleen Green

Tony Sousa, Bonehead Pinstriping

KandyK "thumping" my beer buddy.

Az lovelies...Lisa Mortensen & Mysti Moon

These guys, Three Bad Jacks were worth the price of admission alone...even more!

Elvis Suissa, front man for the Three Bad Jacks.
I'll do a part two --because I'm not doing all the bands justice here and there's more from Saturday & Sunday that must be seen. Also, car and club award winners...pin-up winners...more star pin-up shoots and great times. 

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