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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Viva Las Vegas 2012, PART 2

Elaina Soto with Jimmy Allen's Tiki Truck
Here it is, PART II.....

Throttle Kings C.C. rides.

Here's Turk Oneeightytwo out of Mentone, CA. Striping heels. Below is some of his bad-ass car-work. This mean Caddy/Buick grill stared him down the whole time.

Aly Hellcat

 Bo Huff in his bad-ass "Rockabilly Hound".

Jessica, "Ms Lady Luck" with Turk Oneeightytwo's Caddy.

Jimmy Allen's sweet T-Bird

That's it for this post. There will be a PART III...because we haven't even made it to the pool yet.
Thanks again to Elaina Soto & Aly Hellcat...their contact info is listed in part one.
More cars and some sunning beauties coming up!

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