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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender #15, 2012 (Part 1 of 3)

Gia Genevieve, Model & current (#29) Traditional Rod & Kulture Girl
IT WAS A BLAST!! Four days of cars, pretty ladies, booze & bands...5 days to recover.
Here's my first enstallment, check it out!

There's no direction to go but up, or reverse at this sign ----so, we'll go backwards...to the Road Trip.

Here's our convoy, less one Tiki Truck. I rode in the Bomb Squad C.C.s '56 wagon above. It was from it's windows the following highway photos were taken.

Kerry Hudson at wheel, with me and Paul Iba. 

The road trip there is half the fun of any car event. The lingering threat of breaking down on the road out in the middle of nowhere just adds to the thrill of making it there. Fortunately...we all made it. 

Jerry Johnson lightin' them up! He warmed up a bicyclist pretty good at one point.

Paddy Mays' Hell City Saints DeSoto, with Courtney McFarland.

"Nothing" but a Desoto.

Jimmy Allen's Tiki Truck

We were a bit dissapointed in the rides when we arrived at the Orleans.
Kidding.....This shot was taken at "A-1 Auto 2 Towing"on the road.

Model & Artist, Elaina Soto
After getting the '56 parked and settling in (a few beers) we headed to Frankies' Tiki Room for the pinup party...

Micheline Pitt, Model & MakeUpArtist.

Model, Ashley Lindroth

Phoenix friends, Wes & Chelsea Henshaw.
Part II...coming soon with plenty more cars & pinups.

A special thanks to the following pinups/artists/MUAs and provide and their contact info:
Elaina Soto...Elaina's Art


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