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Monday, September 12, 2011

2011 Ventura Nationals -- Part 2

Brian Nieri's "Phat Caddy"

Alex Gambino's suede '53 Chevy super sled.

Here's Vicky Tafoya's band "The Big Beat" delivering the goods.
And here she is, "The Rhythm & Blues Queen of Southern California" Vicky Tafoya with her husband, Vince Maldonado, also a guitar player in the band. 

John Parker's shoebox has been in virtually every hot rod magazine and on this site previously (see 2011 Viva Las Vegas Part 2 in the May archives) and I'll shoot it every time I see it.

Still could not get through all the photos I want to show you. Check back in a few days for another installment (part 3) of the 2011 Ventura Nationals!

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