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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ventura Nationals 2011: Pumped & Primed

Part One

I left Phoenix Friday afternoon on September 2nd following literally the hottest August in the history of measuring heat. It was appearing that September wasn’t going to be any immediate relief as the heat waves rippled to the sky off of Interstate 10 in my rear-view mirror. West Coast bound, pumped and primed (yeah, pun intended) I headed out to my first Ventura Nationals.

This is the second year under the new name. The show began as the "Primer Nationals" back in 2003.
Now the criteria for the show is: Pre 1968 American cars & trucks, all of which must be driven to the site. There's also bikes at the show, 1969 and earlier American and foreign makes. There are bands playing both days all day long, a pinup contest and plenty of cool Kustom Kulture art vendors. It's gonna take a couple posts to show it all here.

It was pretty chilly the first couple hours of the show which started at 9am --it was gray a lot of the day with a peek-a-boo sun and occasional strong winds. I liked it.

Gonna start things with Los Boulevardos Car Club. This club is low & slow with a bad-ass elegance. I'll let the images speak for themselves, but I must mention what a cool and hospitable group of guys they are. 

There's plenty more of this great club to come. 
Here's my buddy, Erick and his '61 Econoline, which got a lot of attention for the two day show. Looks like he's gonna haul a palm tree home. 
Around 10am the first band hit the stage just a few car lengths from the Los Boulevardos club. It was a breakfast burrito and beer with the Moonlight Trio. Their mix of rockabilly and cumbia -- "Cumbiabilly" as they call it, is great! Just a real tight band, all three of the guys sing and play. I got to hang out with drummer Aaron Martinez and stand-up bass man, Tony Macias for a while later in the afternoon. They're heading out here to Phoenix on November 5th for the Hell City Saints 2nd Annual Blessing of the Rods, Hot Rod and Custom Show   BE THERE!
      ( See January 2011 archives for the 1st Blessing of the Rods show)

Tony, a fan, & Aaron (Thanks Davis!)

"Devils Dames" and a couple of their Devilish dudes.

The Moonlight Trio Caddy

The Tangiers Car Club showed off Valerie G's sweet Corvair. Dig that paint!

Okay, that's the last for this post --- more of the pinups in a few days. More incredible rides, artists and bands. Check back soon! 


John Straub said...

Bill...more great photos...I'm getting inspired!

Bill Garrett said...

Thanks a lot, John. Good show like Ventura Nats make it easy.