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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

!Mas Ventura!

Ventura Part 3

I know...it seems as though I'm really milking the Ventura show, right? We'll it took a lot to get out there and again, the rides in this post are very cool. In October there's plenty of local stuff happening  in AZ, GOOD STUFF! So be ready for that. Until then here's some more candy from the V-nats.

I've said it here before, I love Dia De Los Muertos (Day of The Dead) art. The logo of Loco Banditos is similar to a lot of my doodlings over the years. Cool stuff and a beautiful ride.

There's another Loco Banditos ride coming up.

 The Blasters rocked the car show with guitar virtuoso, Albert Lee.
Albert Lee (right)

Tangiers Car Club had quite a few nice rides. Here's Brenda's bad-ass shoebox!

Ventura Bombs....Los Viejitos C.C

From the Hoods Car Club, this amazing Ranchero.

Tiki Tony
Perhaps a future, Tiki Tony

"El General" another Loco Banditos ride. It's Tony Ibarra's '31 Chevy. It is also featured in the current issue of Rebel Rodz magazine.

Another cool Tangiers' C.C. Ride: Duey's '64 Galaxie
I saw this great towering palm tree shadow at the end of the day and waited 15 minutes for a nice ride to drive into this framed set up. Nada. I had to go with Coby's Van-Go off in the background.

Wrapping another enstallment of the 2011 Ventura Nats with the event pinup winner.


Bubba Harmon said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing. One of these years I am going to make it out that way just to say "Hi"

Bill Garrett said...

Thanks, Bubba! I would dig that!
Good Guys is out here twice a year...

Stella Rose said...

looks like it was a good show. We really need to venture out that way some time! Keep up the good work

Bill Garrett said...

You should I think you'd enjoy it. Thank you!