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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2nd Annual Bomb Squad BBQ & After-Party 2012

The 'Squad did not bomb! A casual BBQ in the desert turned into a full-on car show and kick-ass after party. This Bomb Squad club event and last November's Hell City Saints show/party have confirmed that there is a healthy scene going on here in Metro-Phoenix and it's the local clubs' (and Tucsonians!) camaraderie that brings every one together.....also, beer, a great band and a couple sexy singers help too:)

The hosts showed up at about 9:45 Saturday morning at Ramada #2, Papago Park, Phoenix. The 'Saints rolled in like a hot rod parade a little over an hour later. By 1:00 the parking lot was full, the grills were going and it was a party.....

Here we have the Immortal Bastards C.C. ---these guys make it to every local show and have the sickest car club logo around. With them are a couple regulars from the Independents C.C.


This shot was at about 6pm heading out to Johnny's Eastside Tap & Grill for the after-party....

Johnny, proprieter of the Eastside Tap & Grill and photo-op strategist... with The Devil's Daughters

A needed nap given the band wasn't going to hit the stage for another 2 hours.

And worth the wait....VOODOO SWING!!
 The 'Squad & Johnny were fortunate enough to get Voodoo Swing & The Devil's Daughters to play the after-party ---- this inspired several devotees and the curious to stick it out after the BBQ for another four hours at the bar. Great drink specials were an extra incentive....the band ALWAYS delivers!

The Devil's Daughters rocked the place and finally got the club shirts noticed:)
Voodoo Swing: In black & white "Down With The Blues".

The still-standing remainder of the Bomb Squad crew with the Devil's Daughters closing the night.
It was a great day/night and my photos did not do the event justice...but I had to have some fun too:)
Next year...look out!


BOMB SQUAD said...

Killer. Excellant review.

Bill Garrett said...

Thanks Bomb Squad...you guys throw one hell of a party!

Choppa Hanee said...

A great time! Kudos to Kerry for all the hard work!!

John Straub said...

Great photos...

LisaM said...

Bill Garrett is one of the most talented guys around (as anyone can see). Not to mention, he's got wit and charm for days!!! Love working with him, and better yet, the honor of calling him friend!!!

Bill Garrett said...

Thanks amiga! I look forward to you gracing this site again...and the time hanging with you, even more so!