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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tony's Brush Bash 2012

See 3 photos below for a truer colors.

I heard about this great event from Jowee "Rhythm" Ramirez a killer pinstriper who cruises with The Usuals Social Club (a very social car club) of Southern California. A buddy and I were pressed for time, but we were able to spend a couple hours at Tony's Brush Bash out in Peoria, AZ. 
It was hard to leave.
Art was "happening" rapidly and everywhere...metal panels, vinyl (as in record albums), paint boxes, purses, boards, high heels, cars, motorcycles and...flesh... were some of the canvases for these amazing artists. 
The amazing duo of D.A. Designs and Jowee "Rhythm" Ramirez from CA.
D.A.'s '54 (left) will be striped by two more stripers before it's done. Then to the right is a better representation of Mr Rhythm's senorita-pinup & '54. The opening shot up top doesn't quite show these vibrant colors.
Ron Hernandez, D.A. & Eddie Torres
Panels were being passed around between stripers all applying their unique skills contributing to the whole. Here's D.A.'s finished piece with the help of a couple brothers-in-paint.
Ron Hernandez' cool box.

Models went from striper to striper as well. Here Eddie Torres lightly presses and colorfully caresses beauty on beauty.
Dig, Eddie Torres' killer panel!

This bike is getting double teamed by Chris Sneed of "Pinstriping by Chris" and Jeff Isbell-"Kong's Pinstriping".

Puro So Cal Line Lowco

It was a pleasure meeting, Moises. I love this guys work. I first knew of him via the "Calle 16" mural project in Phoenix. Check his work out at MOISES
Pretty ladies getting prettier courtesy of Moises.

Chris of "Pinstriping by Chris" dedicated to his art....
One of a handful of cars. It's hard to beat lowriders in the paint department.

My man, Anthony Parra of "Pinstriping by Ant-T" Local artist and bad-ass.

Robert, from "Papi's Airbrushing" applied designs to all the models. He seems to enjoy his work too.

D.A. and Mr Rhythm working the same piece at different stages. 
The final results ---- A "So Cal Line Lowcos" masterpiece!

I wish I could have stayed longer at the show. I got caught up in watching a few guys and didn't have time to meet them all and take more photos. There were a few panels I really wanted to see reach completion as well as the final line-up of painted ladies...and I never got to me the guy behind the the show, Tony. Next year I'll know it's coming and plan to make a day of it rather than just a couple hours and if you're in town ---you should too! I'll try and post next year's event info here.

I want to thank Jowee "Rhythm" Ramirez for the heads up on the show and Anthony "An-T" Parra for this bad-ass custom quickie he garaciously whipped up for me while I was there.

All the guys here are on Facebook and if you need more info you can shoot me an email.
See you at the next one.

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