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Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Guys 2011 Spring Nationals Scottsdale

Here are some hi-lights of my three days at the Good Guys show. The show ended for me today (Sunday) around 1:30 and I've been going through photos from all three days. I'm whipped, so I'm going to let photos speak for themselves for the most part. It was a great show and I met a lot of really cool people...some local celebrities.....yes I have photos. 

One of my favorite parts of the show is the swap meet area. There's everything from old rusty Hot Wheels to old rusty classic cars and all the parts in between. 
There are plenty of cars for sale too. Some are ready to drive away in while others are projects waiting to happen. My understanding is that this wild Cadillac-Camper was ready for a weekend in the mountains. 
How about that for a custom job? 

Friday as I was heading out of the swap meet area I came across the Desert Valley Auto Parts (DVAP) space where they were selling a small array of parts and handing out pamphlets for the next day's auto auction. For those not familiar with DVAP they have a cool reality show on the Discovery Channel that takes place at their two giant salvage yards; one in north Phoenix and another down south in 
Casa Grande. Their goal is to put the old abandoned cars back on the street and make a profit at auction.
I first met Andy, he's a mechanic on the show...a very nice guy.
Then I caught Jason McClure heading out. The following day I was down on one knee trying to get a photo of a cool rat rod and was stretching my flash unit on it's cord as far as my left arm could. I was likely grunting and swearing in this awkward moment when someone comes up behind me and offers to position the flash for me...it was Jason. 
Hell of a nice guy!
Here's the photo we took together....
Here's a link to DVAP:  http://www.dvap.com/
The TV show is "Desert Car Kings" and it's on Wednesdays on the Discovery Channel at 7pm here in AZ (Mtn Standard). The first season is midway through (showing on TV) and Jason says ratings have been good, but Discovery is keeping quiet until the season runs its course in regards to a second season. I hope to see more. With Jason's encouragement, I also plan on getting out to DVAP and shoot some of their sun baked classics

Now for some award winners!
Here they are, Dave and Laura Miller and their '59 Kustom Plymouth Fury. They won a very cool award for best "Chopped & Dropped" at the show. 
I came across this beauty just shortly after Dave got the news. He said he was still a little stunned. It's a high honor at the Good Guys show. There was a lot of impressive competition for sure. It couldn't have happened to a nicer couple and more unique ride. Cheers to the Millers!


This is one bad-ass grill ornament! It's Mr. Horsepower meets Von Dutch's flying eyeball. The owner, who's name escapes me (sorry) knows a guy who used to work with Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. He created this snarling cigar smoking masterpiece just for this car. Well done.

There are more photos in the gallery.


Anonymous said...

The Quartzite shots were really great to look at. I had no idea there were classic cars for sale up there; and as for the Camel Stop Auto Shop, what a great backdrop to the area. Nice find!! I know that you had some time constraints, but did you notice anything else vintage car oriented there that you weren't able to get to that may be worth a return visit? I am thinking this may be a great place to see.
Thanks for the photos - also liked The Good Guys Show! Keep up the great photo work, it's got my attention - and how! Dan

Garrettero Kustom Photography and Art said...

Hey Dan!
First, thanks for "commenting"!
I've been getting a lot of readers but know one has commented here yet.

I didn't venture deep into the town and didn't see anything from the highway; So, I can't really say if there's more or not. As I went through nearby Blythe I wanted to look around but didn't have the time. If your on your way to CA stop in there for sure. Next time I head out there I hope to explore more, but can't say I'd go all that way just for that stop.
Desert Gardens has a website, though not updated in a while but it's easily googled.
Thanks Dan!

www.jmcclure.com said...

Bill Garrett said...

--- Jason Mcclure from DVAP was kind enough to post a comment here, but I inadvertently deleted the content! Thankfully I received it via an email alert too so I'm going to write his exact words here:
Thanks a ton for the positive shout-out about how we met @ Good Guys. I have looked over all your work from that weekend, Man you really bring those bright colors and even the rusty patina out. It sure does help each ride stand out alone in these images.
It's a must that you gotta come over to our yard and use it as a canvas for your artwork. Keep it up my friend, it looks fantastic...
The one we took together was the best, of course.
See ya later, until then...
Jason McClure www.dvap.com "

Bill Garrett said...

Hey Jason,
(Sorry for the confusion here on my comments section)thanks for checking out my site and the kind words!
Meeting and talking with you (and taking a photograph together) was one of the hi-lights of that weekend.
I have the calendar you set me up with up on the wall amongst my car photos.
I'm definitely going to get out to the yards before the heat gets here. I'll shoot you an email.
See ya soon, and thanks again.