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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Headed West Part 2: Elvis and Classic Cars On Main Street

After my photo excursion in Quartzsite, AZ (see previous post "Headed West Part 1") I continued all the way to my destination in Huntington Beach, CA. I unloaded the truck and had time to kill, so I took a short nap and rose in time for happy hour. I headed out to the weekly Main Street Garden Grove Car Show.
This was my first time there and the greeting I received in the back parking lot of the Azteca Mexican Restaurant spoke (sung) to both my love of kitsch and large martinis.


Wall to wall to ceiling and floor, Elvis. Not your typical Mexican restaurant decor. Though there were Elvis movie posters in Spanish, unfortunately no velvet Elvis bullfighter pictures or the King in a sombrero....at least not that I could see. Its worth another look.
Before more Elvis hi-lights here are a couple cars from the show just outside the front of the Azteca on Main Street.
1933-34 Very Hot Rod

1954 Oldsmobile Holiday

This was prominent behind the bar and on the ceiling in the "Crooner's Lounge"....you can't have the Man In Black doing this out in the restaurant area full of kiddies. I've seen the photograph before and wondered again what ticked him off so? Many things went through my mind as I imbibed at this bar.
I remember realizing I've never seen Jesus in such close proximity to the bird, let alone practically arm in arm with Elvis.
Then more thoughts on the center decor piece -- Jesus, Elvis, golden cherubs and words to live by --- were those words of Jesus, or Elvis? If Jesus, was the "doubt" a matter of uncertainty, referring to the existence of the divine? Or if it was an Elvis quote, was "doubt" apprehension, suggesting wine over whiskey, or beer, when you simply can't decide? My doubt called for another shot of Patron.
Though still, with all the contemplation of the Kings, I couldn't help but wonder about Phil.

Two Kings and thousands of impersonators
Another ceiling view.  A "Love Me Tender" Mexican movie poster.

1965 Buick Riviera

Elvis Lamp, or Party-Elvis Bust
1953 Chevy Bel Air
 Elvis in a pink '56 Cadillac and nifty argyle socks.

Elvis actually created a 1965 Cadillac with the help of King of Kustoms, George Barris. It was a gold convertible Eldorado. I doubt it was as low and had faux alligator seats like this bad boy.


1948 Chevy

Day of the Dead Marilyn & Elvis... and more Elvis. How did Paul Stanley get in there?

The front of the building out on Main Street amongst the classics.

I was disappointed in the lack of cars at the show. I was told that they just went through some changes regarding the promoter due to problems with the nearby store owners. Also, the entertainment was completely inappropriate for a car show...pre-pubescent little girls lip-sinking and dancing to French cabaret songs... in French. I yearned for an Elvis impersonator (a first) to leap from the Azteca balcony!
I only had chips and salsa at the bar so I can't comment on the food, however if I lived in the area I'd go back and give it a try just to look around some more.
 But then...
A week later (yesterday, Saturday) I went to Scottsdale to check out a car show that didn't really happen.
But I did go into the new "Auto Museum" and there he was again, Elvis. I didn't know what to make of this and there was no one around to ask, but I give you the Elvis & Marilyn casket; a '59 Cadillac rocketing off to the heavens.

Though I'm not an expert on caskets, it's safe to say this is the Cadillac of burial vessels.
These are actual '59 Cadillac tail-lights on what must be the back end of this burial wonder.
And here he is for a final viewing from the Auto Museum.
Thank you,
Thank you, very much.


Leprechauna said...

I love the "Party Elvis Bust" . Very funny!

Bill Garrett said...

Thanks! I thought "The Wonder of Phil" line was real kicker.

Anonymous said...

this show used to be so much better and bigger, but boys will be boys, and misbehaved in the back parking lots and the college didn't want to share their parking lot anymore.

if you get another chance to visit, try the ruby's show in whittier on fridays from may to october. also the whittier uptown in august gets pretty big as well.

really great pictures posted. you have a good eye and computer chops in post processing.